Convention Booth Equipment

Booth walls can be configured at 3' or 8' tall. Each booth consists of bases, uprights, spreaders and drape to form an L shape of two walls. Pricing is set this way because adjoining booths usually share a wall.

Convention booth draping pipe-n-drape


All prices are for a 1-3 day rental period. We do not charge a "per day" rate. If your event runs beyond three days, we'll be happy to quote you an extended rate.

1-30 Booths

$75 per booth

31-50 Booths

$65 per booth

51+ Booths

$57.50 per booth

Per Foot Price

$3.65 per linear foot

Components (base, upright, spreader)

$5.50 per piece

Festival Flags

Please call for pricing.

multicolor flags