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Epic Style Tents

The Epic tent is a push-pole style tent requiring an earthen surface for installation. With a high center peak and sleek roofline, this tent lends a sophisticated flair to your event. You can enhance the beauty of this clean, white tent by adding sheer fabric leg drapes and a billowy, white tent liner. Sidewalls can be added to any size Epic tent.

20'x Epic tent on lawn

20' x 20' Epic tent on grass

40' x 80' Epic canopy

Epic tent in garden


All prices are for a 1-3 day rental period. We do not charge a "per day" rate. If your event runs beyond three days, we’ll be happy to quote you an extended rate. Tent pricing includes installation and removal.

20' x 20' $200
20' x 30' $300
20' x 40' $400
30' x 30' $545
30' x 45' $820
30' x 60' $1090
30' x 75' $1365

Please call for pricing on larger tent sizes.